Thrifting in Joburg






Top: Thrifted |Bottoms: Paige via Nordstrom (in white, in dark wash)  | Flats: Soludos  

Photos by S. S.

While shopping abroad, try to take the road less traveled.  I don’t know about you, but when I travel abroad, I love to  explore new areas that one would miss if they took the general tourist route. Part of the fun in exploring for me, is finding one of a kind shops and boutiques where I can see the trends that are local to the location I am in and were a part of that area’s history.  During this summer, I traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and tried my best to  venture out of the touristy and well known areas of town, to areas that had more local character.  The images from above are from a development on Grant Avenue in the Orange Grove/Highlands North communities called the Factory.  The particular shop illustrated in the images above is one of a few boutiques in the area that specialized in vintage finds.  I was able to speak to the owner and got to understand a bit more about the market and industry for thrifting and boutique designers within the region.  Overall, I love to shop local while abroad because I get to enjoy and understand a side of the culture that I may not become exposed to shopping the mainstream malls and tourist driven avenues that all cities have.  Below, I have a few tips for getting the “local” experience while abroad whether its for fashion, or any other type of experience.

Tip 1: Talk to shop owners and employees, restaurant servers, transit attendants, or anyone in the area you are in to get to know where they go during their time off in their area.

Tip 2: Do your research! Before you plan to leave, look up venues that are more local in nature online.  I tend to lean more towards travel blogs. For great detailed blog entries on amazing travel destinations while on a budget, I have been going back time and again to Traveling the World Solo.

Tip 3: Get of your comfort zone!  It can be intimidating, traveling to a foreign place.  Regardless, I have found that when I seek out locations and destinations within my destination that are not as known, I have such a great and memorable experience.

Have a great Monday and thanks for reading!!!